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Physical Description​Edit

​Bianca has brown/blonde hair. She has brown eyes that turn black when she is mad or she wants blood. She is average height and skinny, but also muscular. In Her Wolf Form she is a Black and White Wolf.


  • Jace Herondale- Brother
  • Alec Lightwood- Boyfriend
  • Marley Wayland- Parabatai
  • Stephen Herondale- Father
  • Unknown Women- Mother
  • Azazel- Talking voice she hears in her head
  • Mia Lightwood- 2 year old Daughter


Bianca usually wears a black lace shirt, leather skinny jeans, black combat boots, a promise ring, and a few necklaces.


Bianca is a Hybrid. She is 50% Shadowhunter, 25% Werewolf and 25% Vampire. Her father was a Shadowhunter and her mother was a Hybrid of Werewolf and Vampire.

​Heavenly FireEdit

Like her brother, Bianca has Heavenly Fire. It turns her eyes and runes gold.