The Dragonway family is an old, wealthy and influential Shadowhunter family made up of generations of individuals who have been held with high regard or were at least well-known and were able to leave legacies during their time.

History Edit

The Dragonway Family is one of the oldest Shadowhunter families having originated in Idris though the exact date is unknown. one of its members, Silas Dragonway, was a fierce Shadowhunter warrior and well faired throughout the land. It is said that he was the last person to kill a dragonaidae, which lead to the species near extinction. Nowadays the family mostly resides within Alicante, Idris' Capital, and serve as fierce warriors.

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When speaking about the Dragonway family, an universal trait is their fierce attitude, unmatched bravery, and courage. Another trait that is almost universal when talking about Dragonway is that the men are usually tall and strong. Dragonways

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