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Jem Carstairs is the parabatai of Will Herondale and the former fiancée of Will's wife, Tessa. Due to his condition, Jem was forced to live his old life behind and join the ranks of the Silent Brothers, as Brother Zachariah, to keep him alive.

But a secret kept by those he loved most threatens his loyalty to the Brotherhood.


This character's history is mostly similar to that of his canon counterpart up to the point where he joined the Brotherhood in 1878.


During his and Tessa's engagement, the couple found themselves unable to fight their feelings for one another and slept together one evening in the Institute's music room.[1]

When Jem's illness was finally taking him, after years of waiting and expecting it, Jem found himself truly wishing to live for the first time. The Silent Brothers saw this and found a way: they placed their runes on his skin, keeping him in a somewhat dormant state, keeping him alive as a Silent Brother, rendering him unable to pursue his engagement to Tessa and losing his parabatai bond with Will.

Despite this separation, Jem was still a constant presence at the Institute as Will kept calling for him. At times, however, the Institute residents would request for Brother Enoch, and though Jem would find it odd and ask the Brothers, they wouldn't immediately disclose the information. Jem was also not yet fully in tune with the Brothers and their connected minds and it took effort to scour through the information in their minds.

At one such instance almost a year after he joined the Brotherhood, Jem was called by Brother Enoch to the Institute. To his surprise, he discovered that Tessa had just given birth to a boy they named Joseph. Though he kept his emotions in check and was not visibly affected, he was still all fairly new to it — to being practically numb and generally impassive — and so he had to put in an effort to disguise his hurt that neither Will nor Tessa even told him about their child or asked him to see the boy.


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