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Maksim Dmitri Applehood is a Shadowhunter under the New York Conclave. He is the firstborn son of Sergi and Elena Applehood and the older brother of Kirill Applehood.



Maksim is very organized and mostly quiet, preferring to watch a scene play out rather than stepping in. He is the exact opposite of Ailiz. Nevertheless, he is a strong and talented Shadowhunter even if he prefers to be out of the spotlight. He is also a loyal and kind person. He often underestimates himself because Ailiz one of the best in the world.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Maksim is very tall, standing at exactly 6 feet, has a slim and muscular frame. He has dark brown hair and blue, almost gray eyes. Like all Shadowhunters, his body is covered with runes of the Gray Book, the most notable being the Vision rune on the back of his right hand and an Angelic rune on the inside of each wrist.

Maksim is known for being neat. His gear could pass for regular clothes that mundanes could wear. He is very clever with hiding his weapons when outside the Institute. When not on duty, he wears loose fitting, casual clothes, usually black and white.