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The Nightwolf family is an old Shadowhunter family. They live mainly in New York and Idris. Some have lived in England and Scotland in the nineteeth century.


Royse Nightwolf ran away from the Edinburgh Institute and settled in the London Institute, where she remained for the remainder of her life. Her brother, Regulus, soon followed, along with his fiancee, Rowena Penhallow. Sometime along the line, the family moved to Idris and settled in the Nightwolf manor.

Ailiz and Hildegard Nightwolf were sent to the New York Institute while their parents and other relatives stayed in Idris. So far, the generation ends with those two sisters, but Hildy is engaged to Kirill Applehood.

Known MembersEdit

  • Jefferson Nightwolf
  • Vivian Nightwolf (nee Wayland)
  • Royse Nightwolf
  • Regulus Nightwolf (nee Penhallow)
  • Rigel Nightwolf
  • Grace Nightwolf (nee Blackthorn)
  • Nellie Nightwolf
  • Stephen Nightwolf
  • Cecile Nightwolf (nee Verlac)
  • Ailiz Nightwolf
  • Hildegard Nightwolf

Family NotesEdit

  • Jefferson, Royse, and Regulus are Scottish.
  • Ailiz and Hildy are directly descended from Regulus, not Royse.
  • Rigel is set to be Jesse Blackthorn's parabatai and Grace Blackthorn's husband.
  • Feynir Nightwolf is a werewolf, but loyal to the Clave, thus making Stephen half werewolf and Ailiz and Hildy quarter werewolf.
  • Since Cecile's maiden name is Verlac, Ailiz and Hildy are related to the real Sebastian Verlac and the Penhallows.
    • Regulus's wife was a Penhallow.
  • Hildy is set to marry Kirill Applehood.


  • Feynir Laskaros, a werewolf, had Stephen Nightwolf with Nellie Nightwolf.