Here in the Wiki Shadow World, we role-play as our original character(s) in this world we will be setting up.

For now, I'm afraid we don't know enough about some of the other Shadow World species, so role-playing as them would be highly hypothetical. Hopefully, we do learn more someday, but for now, this project will be temporarily put on hold.

work in progress

General Rules Edit

Below are the community policies that everyone is to base their role-playing on. Please note that there are a set of globally applying rules on Community Central.

  • Strictly no god-modding. This means your character cannot be the best of anything, not in this community. That will be decided by your fellow role-players, if at all.
  • You may only role-play as your own, original character. Canon characters cannot be role-played. If you feel like playing a canon character, create fanfiction, instead; if you want to write only as one character, then feel free to collaborate with other authors.

Getting Started Edit

Before making the page for your character, you need to decide a few things that will determine the course of your character's fate.

Requirements Edit

  • Plan your character. You need to choose the species, birth place and date, history, etc.
  • You need an image for your character. Whether it's your own photo, a drawing, or some other person, like an actor, is fine.
work in progress