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The Shadowhunter Academy is a school for Shadowhunters-in-training found in Idris.


After being open for centuries, the Academy was closed at some point in the 1990s for unknown reasons. After the 2007 Dark War depleted Shadowhunter numbers, the academy was reopened to accommodate and train new Shadowhunter recruits.


Shadowhunters sent to the Academy usually attend only for further training at the age of twelve, after being tutored in Shadowhunter basics at their home until that point. Some young Shadowhunters, however, do not or never did attend the school because their guardians simply chose not to send them, or they weren't accepted because of certain reasons, such lack of previous knowledge of Shadowhunting basics or poor physical condition. An exception to the age rule is also in some situations, as is the case with the much older students, both mundane recruits and the older Shadowhunters, being trained at the Academy after its recent reopening.

There are two 'streams' at the Academy: one for the students who were born Shadowhunters (joined in some cases by experienced or special mundanes) and another for mundanes (called dregs by some of the students and staff).

The curriculum for the Shadowhunters is more advanced, with classes for reinforcing their already existing skills in fighting, speaking languages such as the demonic Chthonian, and Marking themselves up with runes. The mundanes, having much more to learn to catch up to the Shadowhunters, studied rudimentary martial arts, basic Shadowhunter history lessons, and memorized the finer points of the Nephilim Covenant—things most of their Shadowhunter classmates already know by then. The two tracks spent most of the day in separate classes, but they began every day together at the training field for an hour of calisthenics.

Graduates can then choose to go on to attend the Scholomance.