By Dollydolphin987 Part of the Life As A Jedi Shadowhunter And Jedi Warlock continuity.

Susanna Valerie Rizzo is the youngest of the late Mr. and Mrs. Rizzo and had 3 older siblings. She was very close to them due to the fact they were assigned to start an institute near Du Bois, PA due a threat that the clave precieved as a demonic threat and population in the area. She is also very close to Eros Tilki, a young warlock, since her family took him seeing how he is bullied by humans for being strange and his mother unsure how to handle the situation. It is soon realized that the clave was very wrong about the threat being demonic but something they cannot defend themselves against with a weapon that they say can cut through anything and something more than the seraph blades the Iron Sisters make. This threat was known as a Sith that the Jedi has been traking for awhile and he wanted to turn Susanna recongizing she is force sensitive but her parents and siblings were killed when they tried to protect the 10 year old Susanna. For 2 weeks she was tortured and raped by him trying to get her to be on his side but she only saw him as an enemy for killing her family and destroying the Institute with fire scaring her back. He keeps saying he was looking for something and she might be it. She was rescued but Luke and Mara Jake Skywalker who will fill her in on being the Great Jedi and that she is one of the 1st Jedi to come on Earth even with all the Earth has montitored by Jedi to see if one would come. Susanna was surprised to see Eros come along to be trained as a Jedi after a long drawn out battle with the Clave and Luke Skywalker to let her train as a Jedi as well as a Shadowhunter. During this time the High Warlock of Pittsburg, Claus Heidrich, and New York, Magnus Bane, are contracted to heal Susanna's back and she regains feeling and movement but still has the scar from the fire since runes couldn't heal her. Zio Paeon comes too late to help since the news didn't get to the Roman Clave in time.