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The Beginning
Chapter of Lightmakers and Shadowhunters
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The BeginningEdit

Before the Earth, the Hellish realms or the Heavenly realm reality was simply empty. Endless and magical as only Magic allows for matter to not exist. However despite being an infinite emptiness there were things within. Hope, Order, Light, Despair, Chaos, Darkness the same things and concepts that anyone with a conscience can have. However these have always existed. Furthermore unlike how someone can generate feelings of hope or despair from events in life, these formless concepts weren't created by someone and thus not a byproduct of someone's mind.

"....." The Beginning was happening. "...." In an non-explainable description of time the power of order, hope, peace, light, and purpose awoken. "I am... ()" Said the entity. This entity was beautiful in ways that can't be explained. As to balance this new entity the other power creating the concepts of despair, chaos, darkness, mayhem, and purposelessness awoken as well. "i Am ()" Said this new entity. With the awakening of these entities time became linear as before there was no linear flow of time past, present, and future was meaningless. The Beginning was the awakening of God and his younger brother the Chaos One.

For eons it was only God and His brother. Despite being considered by even the Angels infinitely powerful and infinitely knowledgeable they were equals and had for there were no standards for power or status. Their power was Magic, but was nothing like the Angelic or Demonic kinds. As unlike others they were their power, and the state of them was the state of their power and it's strength. They held God Power the greatest and cleanest power. However the for all the glory of God his brother wasn't anything like him in any other aspect.

The he was literally a source of endless unexplainable despair. Being awake caused him more suffering than all the torture in Hell times a trillion. So when God created Heaven his brother couldn't handled it. He went to war with God. As both were equal, no one could defeat the other. However God created then the Angels to be his army. Despite the angels not being any threat they distracted him enough, for God to almost destroy him. God was disgusted with his action, he thought he had killed his brother and knew the lack of him would cause calamities to reality. So to balance out this lack of darkness God went into a sleep, basically withdrawing from creation. However unknown to God his brother had created a city within the space in the darkness within Heaven.