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The Skies and Stars: a fanfiction by Weacceptaleclightwood

Chapter One

Max Bane looked out of the apartment window and sighed. His parabatai, Jemima Daylighter, was supposed to be here an hour ago. What was keeping her?

"Maxi, are you okay?" One of his fathers, Alec, had come up behind him. Max jumped a little, startled. "Jemma will be here."

"Eventually." Max walked over to the couch in the living room and sat down. He peered across the room at the television; The Lord of the Rings was on, and he hated it.

Jemma was fashionably late like her mother, Isabelle Lightwood. If she had been like Simon, though, she would've still been late, at busy at the comic book store downtown.

There was a loud kabang at the door, and in came Jemma Daylighter. She was wearing a golden dress and Nike sneakers, plus her circular glasses and necklace with the Daylighter family ring on it.

"Hey Maxwell, hi Uncle Alec." She bounced around in the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. "Dang it, no sprite. What do you guys even buy? Old men stuff?"

Magnus, who had just walked in, laughed.